What Is My User Agent

What Is My User Agent

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About What Is My User Agent

"What Is My User Agent" is a tool provided by webdigitaltools.com that allows users to identify and view their browser's user agent string.

The user agent string is a piece of text that is sent by your browser to websites that you visit. It contains information about the browser and operating system you are using, as well as any installed plugins or extensions.

The user agent string is often used by websites to optimize their content for different devices or to detect and troubleshoot issues. The "What Is My User Agent" tool can be used to quickly and easily view your user agent string and share it with developers or support teams as needed.

The tool is available for free on the webdigitaltools.com website.

What Is My User Agent

How to use it?

To use the "What Is My User Agent" tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit this tool page.

  2. The tool will automatically display your User-Agent string.

  3. You can copy the User-Agent string by clicking the "Copy" button.

  4. You can also click the "More Info" button to learn more about your User-Agent string, including your browser and operating system information.

That's it! The tool is very straightforward and easy to use.

Let's try our what Is my user agent tool & report to us if you found any errors.


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